Yummy Salsa



  1. Prepping all of your ingredients first will make canning salsa much easier in the long-run. The only difficult thing is removing the skins from the tomatoes ahead of time (this is how to peel tomatoes). If you are making a hot salsa, then I highly recommend using gloves when chopping the hot peppers.
  2. You can make slight adjustments to this recipe, but as this recipe has been verified and tested for safety, I do not recommend making any other adjustments other than what is listed below. If you are making this recipe as homemade salsa and not for canning, then you can make any adjustments to taste.

    The Salsa Canning Process

  1. Put all of your ingredients into a large stock pan and simmer for at least 30 minutes until it thickens. I highly recommend grabbing a few spoonfuls and enjoying it with chips while it cooks.
  2. Pour salsa into clean jars. See below for how to clean your jars before adding in the homemade salsa. I use a funnel to keep things clean, but ensure you wipe the top of the jar before putting the tops on. Place the tops on the jars and seal to close.
  3. Place the filled jars into a hot water bath and process for 30 minutes, ensuring the jars are submerged in hot water the entire time.
  4. Carefully remove the jars from the hot water bath canner and place on a rack or a kitchen towel until cool to the touch. (I use these tongs to make things easier and I highly recommend them if you are going to can. It makes things a lot easier!)
  5. It's a little bit of work upfront, but the results for this homemade salsa are so worth it. Plus, good salsa is ridiculously expensive, and if you can make your own for just a dollar or two a jar, it’s worth it! Store cooled homemade salsa in a dark place, like a pantry, for up to 18 months.